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I am a regular to Dunkin Donuts store #349770 in Somers Point, NJ. But today 8/11/12, I felt that I received the worst customer service. With a line behind me, the girl behind the counter felt it more necessary that she clock in instead of helping the long line in front of her. Jason, the manager, is a friend of mine as I am a regular customer at a former store of his. I feel that the clocking in to her shift could have waited until customers were taken care of. I feel that someone else should have helped the customers if she could not perform her duties. She said to me and a customer standing behind me that she was a bit frazzled by a previous customer with 8 kids who she hoped would have sat outside because they were too loud. Very poor customer service if you ask me.

As for my order, I ordered an extra large but no cups were available. How does a store not keep inventory stocked? I paid for an extra large, wasn't given my money back and no receipt.

My compensation for this store being out of cups...a free donut which the same young redhead female screwed up by giving me the wrong one.

I knew I should have wasted the gas by driving from my Somers Point home to the Dunkin Donuts in Northfield, NJ. At least they have quality customer service that I can rely on.

This by means is not a reflection on Jason but a reflection on the staff he inherited when he was transferred to this store.

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1) You cannot be behind the counter AND working until you are clocked in.2) It takes less than 3 seconds to clock in.

and 3) In order for her to do her job correctly you need to clock in.

Plus if she is working, she should be getting paid for it.You are a selfish *** just want someone to work for your needs for free?

Houston, Texas, United States #593935

I agree with Kellie, too. How often do you give your company your time for free? Shame on you for not wanting to give her the time to clock in and wash her hands.


Not only is it illegal for workers to be working off the clock, it is extremely UNFAIR to them for you to insist that they do so! Think about it: Would you want to be forced by your boss to work without pay (the time clock is the official and ONLY basis for determining the hours that the employee worked; it is simply too confusing and prone to error if the shift supervisor is supposed to remember all the exceptions).

Now, perhaps you are on salary, and good for you if you are. If you work for DD or other retailers who do not pay their workers a living wage in order to ensure ever-increasing profits, then you would understand why those employees might not be the most motivated staff you will experience.

Still, the customer IS always right, in the end. You should insist on speaking to a manager, keeping in mind that the front line workers in these giant retail chain outlets are not paid enough and are usually overworked. Some -- especially women and minorities -- may even face sexual and other forms of harassment due to the unfair inequality of power.

I'm just asking people -- like Kellie -- to please consider everyone's situation, not just your own. Remember, you live in a country where you are free to walk into a DD or McD's or other place and buy food; you could prepare your own snacks at home, too!


If you have ever worked in either retail/sales, or the food service industry than you would know that it is VERY important to clock in, as working OFF the clock is against laws in most or all states.Give the girl a break, it sounds like she WAS frazzled.

Have you ever dealt with eight small children? It's hectic! And can cause stress on employees who are not used to dealing with kids of a young age. I understand your frustrations about not getting your money back, that I can get.

But cut this girl some slack. As long as she was trying and giving you a good attitude to go along with it, then be appreciative and not harp on her but speak to a manager in private about your experience.

I work retail and it is a TOUGH job.We don't need customers like YOU making it all the more difficult.

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