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I went over to the Dunkin' Donuts at Empire Street in RI a few days ago to get my regular in-between class coffee. Only to be amazed by the uneducated women that work there, this woman named Venus was talking down to this new girl of theirs, I don't remember her name but she was short, tan and she had light brown hair.

Every single time I would go, she would make rude comments to her customers and/or friends of hers about being stuck with the new girl. She was so rude, to the point that she would make everyone uncomfortable. My sister who was with me also felt super bad for her! How is this woman still working there?

I haven't seen the other girl around and I don't blame her! I will NEVER buy from this store again.

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I also witnessed this atrocity of a work environment, In the same establishment.

to S0_Sad #636490

I am just sharing what I experienced. This is what this site is for isn't it.

to S0_Sad #636497

The workers should deal with their problems in a better manner then what I saw. It is discouraging for a costumer to see any such conduct.

to S0_Sad Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #652052

I have to agree with you JamesDire. It is not being nosey if the employees are arguing right in front of you.

They put the customer in an uncomfortable situation and that is just wrong.

They need to be professional in front of customers at all times....that is what keeps people coming back. They need to air their dirty laundry in private.

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