The worker, named Elizabeth. Tall Reddish hair, was terribly rude!

She messed up our order. Cut us off. Was very loud, would drift off and start humming like we weren't there and was a very annoying, non customer oriented, rude employee. To cut me and my friends off mid order was rude, to mess up our order after repeating it 3 times was ignorant, and the humming like we werent there and being ignored was terrible.

After this experience i might as well suggest that the 30 people in my family who go to dunkin donuts for their donuts for us to have on christmas to never go again because of this incadent, I hope dunkins sees this and makes some serious changes and enforces good customer service among their employees.

The way this teenage ignorant not customer oriented girl treated us is nothing of what i would expect from a customer based good named company. I am utterly appalled and disapointed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: to teach their employees to treat their cutsomers with respect and take orders correctly and not ignore them to sing little tunes .

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