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I was recently in a Dunkin Donuts in Downtown Chicago on Wabash. I visited this store (also called a Dunkin Deli) on Tuesday, March 18 and found the service to be non-existent. I typically end every day with a large cup of Decaf from DD. This store did not have any decaf. But the insult was that when I told the girl that I was willing to wait if she would make a pot, she said, "NOPE!" and walked away. It was only 7:00 PM and the store stays open late. Forgive my ignorance, but if coffee is your main business and you won't make it for customers, especially decaf, which sells better later in the day, why be in business?

I ended up at Starbucks down the street where they were only too glad to take my money. And, it was good.

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