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I went to store #336712 in Franklin, Ma. I ordered a wakeup wrap and ice coffee.

There was 1 car in front of me. The girl at the driveup windows stood there talking, joking and showing off her fake nails to this car. I waited in line behind this car who had already received their food for 8 mins., when they finally left and I got to the window, they had forgot the wrap so I had to wait even longer. At this time there were 6 cars waiting behind me.

Today is Sept. 30, 2011 It was 12:25

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blow your car horn till the chickens come home I lay on my truck horn for at least 1 minute!!! It is EXTREMELY LOUD usually wakes up the azzholes? lol..Then the FUN BEGINS if they *** enuff to get out of their car!!!

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