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I walked into Dunkin Donuts on a rainy day and slip and fell as I entered the store. No one from the institution attempted to help me except a kind customer who assisted me in getting up.

When attempting to get up, I fell again. I was finally able to get to my feet and sit down. I sustained a left knee injury and I scratched up my new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone. When I walked up to the counter, I asked the Dunkin Donuts employee if they noticed that I fell at the front door.

Her response was no I didn't see anything. Then she looked past me at the front door and rudely stated "Well there was a sign". I responded by saying I understand that but you all still need to clean up the wet floor. I couldn't believe how she had no compassion.

Anyway, by the time I finished my order and was leaving the store, they finally sent someone to mop up the floor. I never received an apology. I will not be returning to this location and my next stop is their corporate office to make a complaint.

As a royal and daily customer of Dunkin Donuts, I must say that I am very disappointed. I am wondering if I have a case, so I will be consulting an attorney.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dunkin Donuts Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hmmm a rainy day means you have to be more careful. That’s all.

You weren’t playing attention and slipped. Had it happened say two feet away from the door you would still say it’s their fault so yes your sharing a story that can’t be verified. Either way,if it did happen then I would have laughed at your pratfall. Both of them.

It’s kinda a shame ppl like you share your experiences as you have. Unless you have done their EXACT job you have no basis for a real complaint. Only one cashier means only one body to do all of the work. Including the mopping.

Since they were obviously helping customers at what point did you expect them to help resolve your issue. I have slipped many many times in rainy weather. My worst was a full fall on my back when my foot hit oil and water in a parking lot. I didn’t get up and blame the business for the rain.

Or the oil in a PARKING LOT! I got up walked inside and asked for a towel or something to dry off with. You know what happened next? I made some new friends and had a funny story to tell.

I took responsiblity for my own damn two feet. You should too.

to Anonymous #1492489

You are a heartless ***


There was a sign & you failed to read it. Plain & simple.

NOT the restaurant's fault! And what is the poor cashier supposed to do??

Pick you up so that you can say she hurt you further?? I think not!


In simpler terms: You are desperately trying to get money in a get-rich-quick scheme. That was my entire thought the entire post, and then you proved it by talking about your (government-paid, waste of taxpayer-dollars) attorney. Grow up and get a job if you want money.

to offconsumerpissed Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1328736

Not at all. I simply shared my experience.

For your information. My slip and fall was not a scheme at all. It happened and I have witnesses. It's unfortunate that people like you are so closed minded and negative that you think everyone is participating in a get rich quick scheme.

If I was, then I would have already spoken to an attorney and pursued it further. Neither has happened.

Maybe one day you will slip and fall and someone will accuse you of a get rich scheme. You'll see how you feel then, especially when you have to lose time from work for physical therapy.

I'm sure at that point you will argue that time is money. KARMA

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1333865

If you were able to walk to the counter, place an order and walk out, you weren't injured badly. Your brand new phone got scratched? Get a better cover for it.

to Anonymous #1427038

You can't consult an attorney and try to sue for damages because there was a sign out. I'd be willing to bet money you already did consult an attorney and found out you don't have a case so you came here and "shared" your story.

I'm no fan of Dunkin Donuts but I've been in the restaurant industry for a long time and people like you who slip and fall and actually talk about the damage it caused your "Samsung Galaxy" phone are just looking for your next payday with as little work as humanely possible.

That's why it's so hard for people with legitimate lawsuits to get compensation because of all the frivolous B.S. that's out there by people who feel entitled.

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