My name is Robin and I have to make a complaint against 283 providence street Dunkin Donuts West Warwick RI. Our company recently moved from about 3 miles up the street to where we are located now. We have gone to the Bald Hill Road Dunkin Donuts on the corner of East...
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Dunkin Donuts - Cannot Add Funds to Card

Registered my THIRD new card in 15 months. Received email registration confirmation. On website trying to add money. Pop up message card not registered invalid number. Tried to re-register Card. Pop up message card already registered! Forget calling-kept on preptual hold. Emails never responded to! For such a big corporation their customer service is horrible!
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I Tried to download the Dunkin Donuts App. Each time I tried to download the App, it kept saying error, correct. I thought I was correcting, but apparently, not only did it not correct, but the App kept charging my credit card - 5 times. I still do not have the app. I...
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Went in and asked for a bagel...mind you 1.60..i asked for it toated in the "OVEN NOT TOASTER" cooked dark...with butter on the side...look down and now the bagel is 2.50...90 cents for a "BUTTER SPREAD" I inquired and she said its automatically charged. I asked her to...
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My family from Georgia, the McCowell family, was visiting us here in PA to attend our daughter's High School Graduation. On the way back home, at approximately 10:30am, they stopped to order food and drinks at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru @ the Flying J Truck stop on...
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Without proof of the act no lawyer will touch it. It would be a loss as the corporate machine can throw more lawyers at it then the average person can. Consider it a win getti...


Lawsuit under what grounds? The employee was horrible but you've gotten free food now. An apology and termination of the employee would be appropriate but you don't get to pro...

I didn't like
  • Treatment my family received at the drive-thru window
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I am so disappointed that you no longer make the glazed chocolate donut coffee, it is my favorite and had I known you were discontinuing it I would have bought more. I will not be buying your coffee anymore. I really am not sure why you discontinued it. Please bring it...
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This Dunkin has a very rude and unprofessional staff. 6500 Collier Blvd Naples fl. Been going over eight years, at one time charges me 25 cents for water in a cup. Very unfriendly atmosphere, often burn my egg wrap, and drive thru several times didn’t complete my...
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My daughter and I went to Brockton Dunkin Donuts on the corner of Montello and Center Street the address is 66 Montello Street. We asked for two iced coffees in the Drive-Thru the woman was so rude she told us to go inside and place our order. Upon doing so we ask for...
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Dunkin Donuts at the Irving gas staion on Washington Street in Gloucester. There is a short girl, who is ALWAYS on her phone. She ignores customers frequently to finish text messages. She is rude, she uses vulgar language despite what age customers are within earshot....
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Went through Drive Thru to place an order. The young woman who took our order was so rude she ended up telling us to go inside. When we got inside the supervisor wasnt on the premises. No one bothered to ask what the issue was never mind solve the problem which would...
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