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Went through Drive Thru to place an order. The young woman who took our order was so rude she ended up telling us to go inside.

When we got inside the supervisor wasnt on the premises. No one bothered to ask what the issue was never mind solve the problem which would have been the simplest way to handle this. Came home and called the store to see if supervisor who ran to the bank was back. All i got was more attitude, refused to explain the process regarding how to make a formal complaint.

It was as if the whole thing was a joke. My daughter and i attempted to order 2 iced coffee, and left without either. I would never go into the Dunkin Donuts on the corner of Montello and Centre Street jn Brockton, MA again. I do expect someone from the corporate office to address this situation immediately.

The two women who were extremely rude are named Tatiano and Dejane or Ajange, they refused to clarify.

I can be reached at 980-318-0556. Thank you in advance Diannah Fitzgerald

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