Do not ever get ice tea at dunkin donuts because it will taste like coffee. In fact don't every leave there without tasting your product because chances are there will be something wrong with it.

You've been warned. I live in upstate NY and this seems to be a prevalent problem with any dunkin donuts I go to, some are better than others but eventually you will get a Iced tea/coffee if you go there often enough. You are better off gong to Starbucks, it's a little more money but you will never have to through out another drink again, like I have had to do many times when purchasing a drink from Dunkin donuts. Sometimes its very good but not consistently good.

The flavor of coffee is embedded in the cups and the ice. YUCK!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Its not the cups or ice. Dunkin actually runs their ice tea through a coffee line!

It is gross! Because it is supposed to be cleaned.

If you get a coffee taste that means they didn't clean their equipment properly! Sooooooo nasty Dunkin!

to Anonymous #1448191

This happens to me often! At every Dunkins.

I HATE coffee. Smell, taste, thought, everything! When I take that big gulp and taste coffee...Ugh! Not right.

I rarely complain. Why I checked in Google to see if others had an issue. If you tell them of the issue...they will always give a free one. Getting home and taking a big unwanted coffee gulp...yuck.

So, lesson learned. Taste before you leave the window! Please! This JUST happened to me today.

Got my “free beverage” from the app. Get home, big gulp...and disgust! I will be complaining in the morning in my way to work to try and get another free one. I’m sure I’ll get one, it’s just the principle of it all.

Sucks. Especially when you don’t want to payFor Starbucks and hate coffee so much!


This just happened to me yesterday! It's disgusting.

It hasn't happened in so long that I got comfortable. No more.

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