When we gave the kid $10.00 plus change he was supposed to give us back $4.00 but never did. After he counted the drawer he found he was $2.00 over but was supposed to be $4.00 over.

He gave us $2.00 back and never appologised.

We were at hte Dunkin Donuts at Greece Ridge Mall at 11:00AM. My wife had a ten and 2 singles in her wallet. So she handed hime the 10 plus the change He took it and never gave us the $4.00 change. After we told him he said he gave us the change.

He decided to count the drawer and came up with $2.00 over which we disputed.

He never offered us the correct change, insted he gave us the $2.00 and never appologised.

We could have demanded it but didn't.

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