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For Silvrton Dunkin in Toms River, NJ!!! Shamefull. Sometimes in morning I have coffee and it make me more awake and able to drive to work! Last week my cat was playing with a bottle cap from a budweiser bottle (possibly Miller Lite, cant remeber) and he hit the cap under my coffe pot. When he ran after the cap his tail whipped the chord and kinda bended the electric prongs. so im a little woried to turn my coffee machine on cause ill have to bend the metal things. not sure if that safe!!!! So now in the morning i have to go in the change jar so my wife doesnt know i have to buy coffee for my drive to work. I have to BE AT WOrk at 8 oclock in the morning,. and today I got to Dunkin Donuts and there was 9 cars on line!!!!!!!!!!!! The people were not moving fast enough for me to me my liking at all!!! Not Good when im mad with cofee. Because im already pssed i gotta spend my cat food money on this, now DUNKIN DONUTS MADE ME WAIT ON LINE. didnt even have a employee in parking lot to guide the cars on how long the wait time would be!!!

The man in 3 spots in front of me was in a blue toyota camry, i think his plates were F61 something, so lookup p[artial plate for that style, because this person ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches. Dunkin Donuts embarassing employees actually took this order EVEN THOUGH WE ALL WAITED line while he was waiting for his delicious sandwiches. eanwhile I was falling asleep. all so he could eat like a king, and i am on line line eating jolly racnhes gummies for breakfast bc my loser wife forgot to tell me to eggs at the store last week!!! When i finally got to the ordering center I said -- AND I QUOTE - SIR Ive been here online for nearly 6 miutes aND NOBODY FROM YOUR store has come out to ask me how I was doing no customer service skills here, let me see manager!!!! Luckily the manager was very nice, and offered my a half of sandwich coupon, for ANY breakfast sandwich I wanted! but like i told him I DID NOT BRING MY MONEY FOR FOOD ONLY COFFEE!!!! he said i could use it any time, good to see my assertionness paid off. He respected my position and gave in. tomorrow I will be there, WITH MY COUPON, and I will hold the line up!!!

I get paid today. from my job! not like idiots waiting online with food stamps with no care in the world about time. at all!! and Dunkin Donuts serve those people first! not me, and the other people. Dunkin should make the people without jobs put stickers on their car so they have to wait for me!! Next time, they see me though I will have a huge order. And those losers can wait. I blame dunking donuts for this mess. Not evnough drive through lanes! At least i made it to work on time... ONLY by @ MINUTES THOUgh!! Fix your drive through!!! Also coffee was in Holdiay cup already!! sorry to tell you, Its not thansgiving yet! Dunkin fix your lanes and get a calnder!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dunkin Donuts Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov 15, 2016.
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Did you ever figure out what kind of bottle cap it was?


what the actual *** did I just read?!?

Claremont, New Hampshire, United States #1275569

You are a typical, Jersey ***!..Who the *** do you think you are, first calling your wife a loser on a public forum, then thinking you are better than anyone else at that DD!!..You don't want to wait in the drive-up lane, then get your *** out of the car and go inside!!...In short, you are a good example of why I and many others moved out of the "Garden State"!

Westminster, Maryland, United States #1249664

This comment is hilarious!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1242098

This is a troll and a bad attempt!


Are you bloody serious?! What a load of ***.

This site is so full of this *** that anyone with a genuine issue or complaint really needs to post somewhere else.

And since this is the case, I am taking my complaint against Hertz AND THIS SITE to the Better Business Bureau. Smh

to Anonymous #1242073

But did you read the part about using stickers to identify people who were in a rush?


World is full of retarded morons and the poster is a perfect example! Get at least a third grade education or you will be on welfare also.

to Anonymous #1241008

Sorry I spend all my time at work and studying the dictionary!!! My problems not with welfare rats, its with the them being allowed to use order too much food on line while I wait! Thanks for comment though.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #1240971

i like ur idea about the stickers on cars for people who dont have jobs. kinda like when im waiting in line at shoprite and the loser in front of me with no job takes a year to pay for all their junk food with food stamps, aint nobody got time for that.

but now that we got president trump in the office, we can make america great again.

to Anonymous #1241009

Yeah! Because then you can see who deserves to order food first.

they should have to wait.

Maybe a stick on there car or some kind of hat that says they need to let me pass through. Because there time is less important to go home and read more dirty magazines and wait for next package of food stamps.

to Bort #1533396

omg lol

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