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I was Very disappointed at the level of service I received at Dunkin Donuts today. I usually get the strawberry banana smoothie but this time I thought I would try the Berry smoothie, well needles to say, I didn't like it at all, so I very kindly asked if it was OK for me to exchange it.

I am a very soft spoken person so I don't come across as being mean at all... the employee looked at me and shrugged her shoulders then pointed to the lady who took my order and made the smoothie, so I just smiled and waited as she was helping someone else. While she was ringing up someone else's order she said, "I asked you what you wanted and you said Berry" She didn't even look at me. She was Very rude and nasty!

I told her I knew what I asked for but am asking now if I can exchange it because I don't like it.

She ignored me and proceeded to speak in Spanish (everyone in there speaks Spanish), then the other lady took my drink and made it over. This location is in Miami, FL near Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I am honestly not surprised, as that's the common service you'll receive in Miami.


Ok, so your order a different product, don't like it, and expect a freebie replacement. It does cost money to make that first smoothie you ordered, and it's simply going in the trash because you didn't like it.

You should have asked them for a small sample of the Berry flavor before you ordered a full size one. Could you go to a nice steak house, order a steak, take a ***, decide you don't like it as much as your friends plate, and get a brand new plate like theirs for free.

Doubt it. You're own fault.


Tasha looks as if she could use a grammar and spelling refresher herself. You have to take these issues to MANAGEMENT.

This site isn't going to be read by Burger King people. This site it just to VENT.

Plato, Missouri, United States #29942

The first thing you should have done, after being treated so "Poorly" by a possible Illegal Alien, was asked for her full name and does she have a "Green-Card" . Then notify Border Patrol for Investigation.

The second thing, you should have done was to "Say" "Welcome to America" "Now learn to speak English". The third thing you should do is "File" a written Complaint against her , and keeping a copy for yourself, to the Dunkin Donuts Main Regional Office and the Better Busniess bureau for the very Poor Service and her Belligrent attitude towards you.

Also that the other drink you tasted was very nasty and her refusal to give you a replacement drink. "Remember one thing in your life-time, if you don't put down on paper, it "Never" happen".

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