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I go to Dunkin Donuts at least 3 times a week in Selinsgrove, PA. Most of the sales clerks they have in there seem to be in another world.

I explain how I want my coffee and they make it nearly black; so I gave up and started asking for 5 creamers instead so that I can fix my coffee the way I like it. I always ask for 2 bages "untoasted" with creamcheese, nine times out of ten, they give me the bagels and they are toasted! What don't they understanded? They are also supposed to put knives in the bags and most of the times they don't!

Their are some sales clerks in there who are very abrupt or down right rude to you.

When the owner is at the store, I have no problems because when I return the coffee and/or coffee and bagels, the manager always makes sure they do it correctly a second time; but there shouldn't have to be a second time! Pay attention to your customers and get it right the first time!

Review about: Dunkin Donuts Manager.

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This store has very bad management from the owner down. Heard of the workers spitting in cups, sitting on counters, drug dealing, etc.

Dont recommend this store....poor dunkin reputation.... I like their coffee but go elsewere to get it.

Los Angeles, California, United States #743587 keep going back!

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