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There is one really rude person working the counter at the Route 13 Dunkin Donuts. I was in there w/ my 6 yr old son waiting in line.

The guy working the counter ignored us and waited on the guy BEHIND us. He actually leaned to the side to look around us. I told him we hadn't been waited on yet. He gave the guy behind us his coffee and then disappeared!

Apparently doesn't like kids??? I left when I realized he wasn't coming back to the counter. I called in to see what the problem was. All of a sudden he couldn't speak english.

What a complete loser.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #661443

you do know that most if not all the employee's are paid at the lowest amount, so why would they care what you want or think, it's best to buy from any other business than dunkin donuts

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #17642

What a good lesson to teach your son, to call someone a loser. Perhaps the guy was waiting for his coffee to be made.

Too bad you don't know how to be patient.

It is a good lesson to teach your son. Are you sure your son did not write this letter because that last comment "what a loser" sounds like it came from a six year old.

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