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I went to dunkin donuts and ordered 3 bagels and a hot chocolate, they were rather busy while I was there. The guy who was making the bagels and the other hot food was yelling "I quit" and "Go some place else it's healthier." Ok if he does not like his job he can quit, there are people out there who would take thay job and be happy they have a job.

This is in Bennington, Vt on North Street. The guy's name is Kevin, this is not good business, you have lost my business.

The service is supposed to be friendly, yet when you go there you get attitude and snotty workers making nasty comments, he is telling people to take thier business else where. So that I will do.

Review about: Dunkin Donuts Bagel.

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Please. This is a LAME complaint.

He was probably tired and overworked and just being dramatic. Be grateful you have access to bagels and hot chocolate and aren't being fed ceral meal by UNICEF.

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