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My complaint about the Dunkin Donuts on Oriskany Blvd. is not due to customer service their very nice people.

Sadly this Dunkin Donuts use to be a VERY good one - but recently within the last 6 months or so it has gone downhill (new manager). My issue is this the store is usually trashed, they rarely have what they should have in stock (I will explain) and there is NO consistency with their coffee products. The store, no matter what time of day I stop by and I have been there at all times of the day never seems to look like anyone bothers to clean it - I have walked in while the place is completely dead to find the manager chatting away behind the counter with other staff and no one cleaning anything . .

. meanwhile dining room is trashed. It's been so bad that I've stopped going into the store. Today (Valentines Day) I stopped by this Dunkin Donuts because I had promised my son we would buy 2 dozen Valentines Day donuts to take to school for his class and teachers.

As I walk in the door there's an ad hanging that pictures the Valentines Day donut but when I get in the store wonder of wonders there aren't any available (it's only 8:40am!!!!!)apparently whoever is in charge never made enough . . . this happens ALL the time.

As to coffee consistency (the key to doing well in a food business is consistency!) every time I go to this Dunkin Donuts my coffee never tastes the same, it's always different and not always good . . . so as this is the closest Dunkin Donuts to me and I refuse to drive across town to get to the other one - I have now officially stopped being a Dunkin Donuts customer (there goes all your money from my sometimes 2x a day stop .

. .) and have now decided to try the Daylight Donuts down the street - at least their coffee always tastes the same.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #264823

I've had the same problems there. Their Coolatta machine is ALWAYS broke, or so they say.

They are never stocked with anything. I dont eat donuts, but wanted to buy some for a party, went in and they only had 19 donuts available! And I dont mean flavors of donuts, I mean 19 total! The place is a mess too.

The worst one however is on Oneida Square in Utica. I stopped in to get an egg and cheese on an english muffin. Took them 20 mins to make it. I was so glad I checked it prior to leaving.

The english muffin was not toasted. The egg was still in the form it must come in prior to them cooking it, and the cheese obviously was not melted. I went up to the counter and said to an employee "This has not even been cooked" and showed her. She proceeded to stick her finger in it and said "Oh yeah, you're right".

Discusting of her to do that, and treat me like a ***, as if I cant tell if something is cooked. So I stood by the counter to make sure they threw that one away and watched them cook me a new one. As I was watching they were preparing a flatbread sandwich for my friend who was with me. I was in awe as I heard the manager have to tell an employee what FLAT BREAD was!

She thought it was a croissant!! That's pretty bad.

Maybe she should have been trained better, but come on, who doesnt know what a flatbread is! So sad what this world has come to!

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