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The Dunkin on Port Reading Avenue in Port Reading NJ needs an employee makeover! I have been going there every day for years, and since it is usually first thing in the morning on weekdays, I've learned to let things go due to time, the wait, etc.

This morning was the straw that broke the camels back. It is only the morning crew who has the WORST attitudes. There are 4 HORRIBLE employees there during the morning shift. Always ticked off, puss on their faces, and rush you so bad, it takes you 5 tries of repeating your order to even get them to pay attention.

My order is almost always wrong. I ask them before I leave, "Is this pumpkin?" My response, "yea, yea, pumpkin.." By the time I am on the highway to go to work and sip my latte, it is not pumpkin, it was plain just as I suspected. This is not the first time I have asked to make sure my order was correct, I was assured by the employee, and was lied to and rushed out the door. The evening and weekend crew, FANTASTIC!

Pleasant attitude, fast and accurate service (even during the busy Saturday/Sunday morning rush), and nothing but a great experience. I am SOOOO tired of wasting close to $10 a day on stuff I never ordered. Not only is my latte or iced coffee made wrong, (Pumpkin light and sweet, simple right?) my LIGHTLY toasted bagel is usually burnt, with a wad of cream cheese slapped in the middle and not cut in half, and I am served with a miserable attitude. I have gone to many other Dunkin Donuts, as there is one right near my job, and always had great service.

This location needs to re-evalute its employees!I am tired of being a very very very frequent customer and getting the shaft when it comes to service!

This place is made awful due to the miserable, awful workers. If they hate their job that much, they should choose a new one, just as I have now chosen Starbucks or Quick Chek.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States #779134

First time at a DD. Food was totally in eatable Could not eat anything I ordered.

Bacon and eggs sandwich. Asked them to toast bread twice. Asked them to please cook the bacon. Egg was microwaved and did not an egg Hash brown potatoes were swimming in grease and warmed in microwave.

Got 4 quarter size hash browns.

Thank goodness as I couldn't eat those. Finally after second try by staff to cook the bacon and toast bread., I gave up threw it all in trash and will never enter another dd again

Brooklyn, New York, United States #642992

You seem like a ***.

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