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I have worked at the Dunkin Donuts in Bellingham, MA, for approx. 4 mths, I was the baker and also opened the store, I gave 100 % effort to keep the customers satisfied and always was a very hard working employee, I had called out later that evening before the morning shift, and lets say received a verbal warning, 2 weeks later I was so sick, I called out later that evening and now I am fired.

I feel treated so unfairly and speaking from experience when I was a assistant manager I know there is a policy of three written warnings. Is it wrong or do I have any employee rights to what has happened to me?

I am soo upset she fired me, I was such an asset to that company and they lost out on a employee that helped there store because evidently the management does not care about the emlployees or the store, or customers!! But I just don't think it is ok for a person to be able to fire someone when there is employee rights they should follow, this is horrible and I just want to be treated fairly.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #796161

I was fired from Dunkin for accepting tips (same thing everyone else.did, including managers). I was already employed elsewhere, so I just moved on.

I don't want to go back.

I'm with Chick-fil-a, now, and I think this much better for me. I just have to take a lot of OTC pain!

Lakeville, Massachusetts, United States #584928

i was just fired by dunkin and i have to go sign my 'release form' today. Im dreading what it will say and if i dont agree with it i dont want to sign it.

i was fired because i said soething to a new assistant manager that she did not like. I was also late but am rarely ever late. i also was rude to a customer who was losing his mind over recieving the wrong sandwich, oh and he called me a ***. so yea maybe i deserve being fired...

maybe. But I was also one of thier best employees and hardest worker so they r screwed.

can i collect? help


My daughter worked for this company for a year now,and she has been harrassed by 2 managers at 2 diffrent times. Shes never called in or was late,infact she always came in after her drunkin co-workers could not make it in because of their hang overs the following morning.They would schedule her for afternoons and evenings (when her availbility stated she was not able to work these shifts when she was hired (this is illegal to do in ny state) Has another job with pension medical ect.) I called a week ago concerned about this store and how she has been treated.

Asked the manager that I would hope this would not effect her job.

Since I called her the job got harder Manager found it convient to yell at her yesterday in front of customers ""REAL PROFESSIONAL"" Today she got fired by text on cell phone.Ive never heard such a thing MANAGMENT grow some dunkin dog balls and sit down with your employees and fire them in person not by texting them.And just so you locals know you are buying old food they are to put new donuts on racks by 8 am they are not doing this until 3 pm. I use to go DD stores 3 times a week but havent gone in 4 years because the coffee is weak product has gone down hill.Kwik Fill coffee is better and cheaper!!!!!!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183646

Thre is more to this story than what is being told.


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