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I just got back from the Dunking Donuts in Merrimac, MA. There was a woman behind the counter counting tips, not acknowledging my father standing right in front of her.

There was probably four or five teen workers behind her talking.

After about, seriously, FIVE minutes of my father staring at her, waiting for someone to help him, the woman looks up at my dad, lets out a loud and irritated *SIGH* and yells to someone behind her, "YOU GOT A CUSTOMER!"

That was one of the most unacceptable and rude things I've ever encountered. I will NEVER go to that one again.

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Houston, Texas, United States #593929

These people get TIPS??!!?? For WHAT???

Who the heck is rewarding them for their bad behavior? Not me, that's for sure.


I agree. I used to go to that one and the people were so rude.

Even. The manager was not nice at this time. There was this woman around 40 named Kelly that was a complete nut and she acted like she was on drugs or something. The place overall over charges.

And makes bad coffee to boot. Bad rating fr sure.

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