I purchased a cup of coffee on 7/03/08 at the Pikesvill Md location and for the 3rd day the coffee had a burned taste I tried to drink it but it was nat good. I ask the counter help "Vinny" was this old coffee or burnt ... he began to argue and fale his his arms ... and yesll instead of just geeting another cup of coffee for me this turmed into and arguement so I gave him the coffee and went to the Dunkin Donuts down the road. I told Vinny I have been drinking coffee for over 30myears and I no good from bad and burnt from fresh. His response is that he " he don't care how long I have been drinking coffee there is notheing wrong with the coffee Whata kind of service is this. At $1.60 for a medium cup of coffee there must be atleast $1.00 profit per cup ... what's wrong with just giving me another cup instead of starting and arguement. The coffee from the dunkins was fine and tasted the way their coffee taste all over the country "Wassup with these guys"

Ipurchase food, particularly coffee from Dunkin Donuts at least 10 times a week and I still can not understand why tey can not instruct their staff to be reasonable, and handle customer conserns in a way that ismgood for their business.

This same Dunkin Donuts is building a reputation for this type of poor customer service and this is partiularly true with the minorities they serve.

Ijust got a 35.00 Dunkin Donut gift card again from my family again. I will now instruct them not to buy another one and I will reduce or eliminate my trips to this store.

Review about: Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

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I have been to this establishment. I had a good experience and the coffee fresh! I love there coffee!


I moved to pikesville a year ago. I usually visit this store 3-4 times a week for the past year. I believe that incident had to be a one off, as the service there is good and the products are a lot better then other DD's.


My husband and I both work in Pikesville...which DD are you referring to so we know not to go there?

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