Everytime I visit the DUnkin DOnuts in Hackensack NJ on Hudson street they charge me a different price. I order the same thing all the time, one toasted butter bagel.

Three weeks ago they charged me $1.29, last week they charged me $1.39, today they charged me $1.49. What's up with that? I mentioned that to them and they just told me to keep my receipt. Um....and what do I do with it?

Another thing.....when I get my order many times it's incorrect. Today my bagel was not toasted, last week they gave me a croissant instead of a bagel and that's not the only time, numerous times my order is incorrect as well as the pricing.

This particulay Dunkin Donuts is run by Asians, maybe they don't understand English? I don't get it but I'm not happy with the service there at all.

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Oddly enough, I am from North Carolina. I got to dunkin almost everyday, and have noticed the same thing about the price differenc???

I guess coffee prices change like gas.

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, United States #24203

shut the *** up and stop ***.

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