I went thru the drive-thru today and asked for my regular coffee, bagel and flavored cream cheese. I reach in the bag and pull out a toasted bagel and no cream cheese.

I assumed there was a misunderstanding, so I go inside with the empty toasted bagel and the clerk explains, "the cream cheese is in the bag." I looked at her, and said, "This is the first time I've ever gotten a little tub. Why the change?" She said, "I can put the cream cheese on the bagel for you." I go back to the car, get the bag, look in side and sure enough...there is a little tub of cream cheese. When I return to the counter, she's putting on latex gloves and not looking so happy. She takes the cream cheese, and plops it on the bagel, doesn't spread it, puts both halves of the bagel together in the bag.

I then ask her, "What is the purpose of the drive-thru if you have to pull over and make the bagel yourself?" I am perplexed.

But after reading other people's online comments, I see that some people don't like their bagel made up...they wait until they get to work and eat the bagel. So, I don't know what is the norm, all I know is that I have always gotten my bagel made to order at DD and the employees have a raw attitude today!

Review about: Dunkin Donuts Bagel.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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