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where to start?? first when you start working at the ones in (Lewiston me.

590 main st) you are told after you complete your online training you will get a raise. sounds good but they don't pay you to do the training, and when you get a raise its a bonus on your check so later on when you break something or $ comes up missing they take it away from you. back to online training not hard to do but BS that you don't get paid to do it there fore if you get promoted like I did you do not get more money to supervise people. I had my internet training done busted my *** and got no where there people that did nothing got more money then me.

now that im no longer there they have taken away everyones bonus that hasnt finished training even though these people have been there over a yr. and will not pay them to come in and work online program.

dont know how this guy gets away with how he runs his dunkin but worst chain to work for if they all run like this. Ed (guy @ corporate) i hope you read this I wish under cover boss would do this one lol

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I agree with your response. Most people DO get paid to train for a job AND get a raise when promoted. Mulch is the one sitting at home, collecting welfare and watching Oprah!


@ Mulch-sorry but most people get paid to train for a job. and when they get promoted to supervise they get a raise and dude get a life I live in a house I hate people that live off welfare dont get on here and *** at me F *****! and If you break something on purpose yes then maybe you should pay for it but *** happens *** OPRAHS FAT ***!


did the training cost anything? Doubtful. So yer worried that you didn't get paid for free training?

And yes when you break something you SHOULD pay for it. You broke it. Just like if I cam to your single wide and broke a lamp you would expect me to pay the $3 for it right?

Stay home, live off welfare and watch Oprah. If you can do that without whining like a little kid.

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