i would just like to say that i am a frequent customer of the dunking donuts in derry rd in hudson.. i must say that i usually go there just about everyday.and am pleased to say that i get great customer service from the two girls that are usually working about the time i go very pleasant and smile everytime with a thank you and have a nice day i believe one of them is a shiftleader or some kind of boss she is always pleasant and thanks me and tells me to have a nice day/or night when i go this particular store...the other girl has reddish hair and she also is very pleasant with customers . plus the store is always clean and it just feels nice to know that being a regular customer that you are respected and they make u feel comfortable they deserve kudos for the great job they do...thank you

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Snt good Everytime I ordered or a friend has ordered a coffee is wasn't good well today no one would run to honey dew. For me.

So I haD to settle for dd :( I wanted a ham egg and cheese on a crosant and instead I got A cold one on an english muffin which those hurt my belly I couldn't go back or else I would of been late. So.

I starved. Worst one to go to

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #182343

Who else goes to a donut joint everyday.

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