72 & No Bld. The butter was bad and tasted sour. Apparently they dont refrigerate food properly.

61 & Roosevel- Trukey Cheddar and Bacon- They don't add any cheddar only 3 slices of turkey and charge full price. Also all the women speak their native language from India and its like visiting India in Woodside, NY

Why can't they be taught to speak English all the time at work instead of being so rude and speak a different language while in America and in front of a customer who doesnt speak their language.

Dunkin Donuts should revamp all the locations and have professional people serve Americans and speak English.

I will never go back and will have all my friends not go back either until they clean house. Thank you

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Being a current employee at Dunkins I can say that it is a place that no one should purchase from. The food is taken care of poorly, there are no healthful options, and they only care about hygiene when a district manager or health inspector is coming.

In General, Dunkins does not care at all about the customer and they constantly make mistakes with the coffee hoping that the customer will not notice.

Unfortunately, this is true for most of the Dunkin Donuts that I have been to and had a chance to look at. It saddens me that Dunkins is so popular after seeing all of this.


Is there anything you did not find wrong. Oh and how are you going to stop your friends from going there?

Tell them that you will cry and pout if they return to Dunkin Donuts.

They have every right to speak their language when they are not talking to you. Sounds like you are a busy body and just wanted to know what the converastion was about.

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