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If you buy your daily cup of coffee in a disposable container, you are generating about 22.75 pounds of waste per year. Across the country, 25 billion polystyrene (commonly known as Styrofoam) cups are thrown away every year, according to the EPA. That's troubling, because polystyrene takes hundreds of years to break down, and is made of nonrenewable petroleum. Scientists have also discovered carcinogenic compounds leaching out of polystyrene, possibly even into your hot drink!

Here in RI the Dunkin Donuts consumer orders an Ice Coffee and they then request the cup to be "insulated" with a styrofoam cup so that they don't get their precious hands wet from the sweat of the cup. They now have 2 cups for one beverage. The majority of the cups then end up on the sides of our roads for us "Earth Conscience" people to pick up and then off to the already full landfill to sit for over a hundred years to decompose. I find this disgusting and wasteful!!!!

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Actually, people ask for the styrofoam cups to keep their iced coffee cold...I've never heard anyone complain about wet hands.

But, yeah it is really bad for the environment.

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