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I ordered a breakfast sandwich which came to $3.17. I handed the cashier a $10.00 bill.

She gave me $1.83 in change. I told her that I gave her a ten and that she needed to give me an additional $5 in change. She held up the $10.00 bill that I gave her and argued with me. The other employees came over and argued with me also.

I felt like I was in Twilight Zone. Another customer behind me told them that he witnessed me handing her the $10.00. Finally I said just give me my 10 back, I don't want the food anymore. They said that they would have to count out the register first to verify that I had given her $10.

What??? They counted out the register down to the penny and then told me that they were right and that I could not have my money back.

I was livid. I just walked right out of the store with them saying, "Wait, you forgot to take your change." I will NEVER enter another Dunkin Donuts as long as I live..

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This happens to me as well. You have to ask for your own money back...I always say the amount aloud that I give them, but still they try to steal your money.

The problem is, the standards are so low in most of the stores, management just pretends to care when you complain. I have been taking my business elsewhere, their coffee and donuts suck anyway.

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