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I go to dunkin donuts about twice a week and usually spend about $20 each time, which is about $160 a month which is quite a bit (in today's economy).. Anyways..

The dunkin donut I go to is a shared baskin robins and when I go I want to order the strawberry bandanna smoothie! Almost everytime I order they are always out of bananas! This last time I went (today 7/14/12 @ about 9:00) I asked if I could give them my own banana so they could make what YOU ALL ADVERTISE! What "p-ed" me off the most was the employee just laughed over the intercom!!

I think it was very rude and not good customer service. Anyways.. I JUST WANT A STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE! I talked to manager and he said that "corporation won't let us buy more then 2-3 bananas because we have to throw them away at the end of the night if they haven't been used and we usually only need 1 banana a day because of an occasional banana Sunday."..

Well if this was true, then wouldn't there be that extra banana for my smoothie twice a week?? Either they are lying on the amount that they actually "buy" "each day" or you all as a company are not letting them.. Whatever the case may be, bananas are only .49 cents a pound. You can get 10 bananas for $3!

You all throw away dz's of donuts a day I'm sure so what is a few bananas??!!

You all are a multi million dollar company.. What's a few dollars to make some customers happy and to keep the customers spending their money at your company??!!

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Sounds like the service is not the only thing that's gone bananas...

The Jedi Knight has a good suggestion. Go somewhere else, or make it yourself for pete's sake.


If you already had the banana why not buy the strawberries, and whatever you need to make the smoothies. Spend the $160 to get a blender. Also I bet the real reason they laughed at you was not because you presented them with a banana but because you are an adult and you acted like a child.

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