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I've had enough with the Dunkin Donuts location on Route 46 East in Elmwood Park, NJ. Their service people are rude and nasty.

I say thank you and NEVER get a response and they almost always get the order wrong (I gave them benefit of the doubt because the girl at the window seemed lost so I thought she must be new but not after a few months!). Today with my last $2 I went through the drive through for a pumpkin latte and when I get to work, I have a half empty cup! I've been getting the same thing daily from other DD in the area and they ALL taste and are made different but this was by far the worse! I called them and they said that is normal because of the "foam" but a HALF EMPTY CUP?

None of the other DD serve latte that way and then it did not even taste like pumpkin or sweet or anything. Don't they have the exact same requirements set by DD for these things? How is it that every DD makes it differently? I usually let things go and just accept it but this is a place I spend money in daily and I can't even get a "you're welcome" when I say thank you or my simple order right.

The girls that work there have an attitude like they are doing me a favor to take my order...

are you for real?? With this economy, they should be thankful we are not just making our coffee and tea at home and saving the aggravation and money!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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