My name is Robin and I have to make a complaint against 283 providence street Dunkin Donuts West Warwick RI. Our company recently moved from about 3 miles up the street to where we are located now.

We have gone to the Bald Hill Road Dunkin Donuts on the corner of East Ave Warwick RI. We have gone there for at least 7 years and never had a mistake or bad customer service no matter how busy they have been. We have a large order of coffees usually 5 to 7 and some simple food. I have been in there and my associates at least 50 times in the past 8 weeks and not once has the coffees or food been correct.

My associates and myself have tried verbally to state what we wanted slow and clearly and still was wrong. We all have also printed a list broken down very easily and simple to read and still is always wrong. I also want to point out that the wait time is just way over what you expect and require to be a fair amount of time to wait. Every time one of us has been in there to place an order customers are always complaining of incorrect orders and how long does it take to make a coffee and bag a donut ?

I also want to point out that the managers are always talking and doing it while standing with a full room of customers about how the weekend was or some personal thing. I have been a secret shopper for a lot of businesses and I can tell you that this is so wrong and not up to or even close to the standards your company holds dearly. I am letting you know this because it is a very serious negligent problem. I know my company and at least 8 others will no longer give that store our business.

I will continue with the Dunkin Donuts that should be praised for a great job no matter how busy they are customers are always their priority and that's so important. Please address this issue. I tried to explain to them that secret shoppers do exist and they told me that was bull crap and that basically my saying they need to listen and take their time with the orders they said whatever and just ask for a manager and we will deal with it. Well I did do that 5 times prior to this with a clearly printed list and also I verbally gave the order and the manager still did the order wrong!

Now that says to me there is a problem with the store. Also the store cleanliness is also an issue if you really want to know it is overall just disorganized. I also want you to know that I am not just a customer complaining out of no where. I have done a lot with corporate for Dunkin and also have dealt with you professionally nationally so I wish to have someone do a surprise visit on this store at different times on the same day so they are surprised and I do believe you will find many deficiencies with this store.

The problem with this store is keeping their help so that shows you one of their problems. Please know that I will not recommend this store for service to anyone at this time. If you count from March of 2018 we have been in the store exactly 68 times and every time was wrong and we had t go back and correct order. I have every receipt from our visits and I just checked them and each one shows a correction needed to be made on order.

My phone number is 401-569-2491 and I am so frustrated at this matter and there truly is no need for it !

I was in there this morning and this little old lady wanted a small cup of tea and a plain donut and they messed up her order and took 15 minutes to fill it there was only 3 customers total ,one was myself. Thank you for your prompt attention is this matter.


Robin W.

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