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I would say maybe 1 out of 10 orders there do they get it right. You wouldn't mind so much if I was order some large complicated order but all I order is a med.

tea with 2 splenda. how can you mess that up. I'm thinking part of the problem is that no one there speaks any english. once they even put coffee in with my tea bag.

and another time they put equal in it and I tasted it before I left and asked them to make me another one and the person behind the counter actually has the oddasity to tell me "whats the big deal its the same thing". I couldn't believe it, It wasn't until I became very rude and loud did they agree to make me another tea and at that he handed me the bags of spenda for me to put it in as he put it "to make sure I get what I want" CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!. Oh and one last thing. I went through the drivethrough once and handed a 3 dollars over for my tea and as I sat there and waited for my change I saw the girl put my change in her tip cup without even asking me.

So I continued to wait at the window until she opened it again and she asked me what I was waiting for and I said my change. Well after a huff and a puff she had to go into her tip cup and take my change out which she pretty much threw at me. Can I just say that enough is enough, the only reason I put up with this for so long is because there is no other coffee shop around my office.

Well I have since fixed that, I am making my own from now on, they will never get another dollar from me!!! Worcester, MA

Product or Service Mentioned: Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

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